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The Pros and Cons of Bluestacks for your Mac or PC

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New technology has the advantage of making our daily life more beneficial. Much of our work is now done on our mac and pcs.  However, many of us use windows based computers that can’t run android applications. But with new innovations, we’ve now been given a comfort zone to work effectively with android applications even on mac or windows based computers.

Some people really want to have the same applications as an Android on their laptops, especially since some apps are becoming harder to come by. But laptops generally use different operating systems that can’t support android directly.  For example, Windows does not provide comparable software. But that’s no problem for Android clients. Bluestack’s mobile organization has presented Bluestacks App Player for this reason. With this app player, you can use any of your applications on your laptop that you use on your Android or Windows mobile devices.

People are addicted to the applications they have on their mobile devices. It is normal for them to use these applications while using their laptop or PC. Bluestacks has authorized this open door for her. It turns the laptop into an Android device. It allows you to leverage all of your Android applications by creating a window over your Windows or Macintosh framework. It gives you the advantage of exploring through your Android and Windows work environment. It will also be the application you downloaded to your PC desktop. You get the alternative to syncing between your mobile devices with your laptop for the same applications to use data from your mobile storage. If you are in an overvoltage situation and you are on your laptop, you can now use all the application data and highlights of your mobile devices from your laptop. It also makes it a comparable workspace as you work with Android in your Windows laptop.

The most fascinating piece with bluestack is the gaming experience. You are now used to playing games on small screens of your mobile devices. But in many cases the experience surpasses when you can play the same games on the larger screen of your laptop. It also includes the adaptability to use mouse and keyboard as game controls. You can also use the touch screen interface to play games when using a touch screen enabled laptop. In the lower menu bar is a keyboard, with the touchscreen controls where wiping, tilting, zooming in and out and tapping can be performed.

What are some of the disadvantages

In addition to all its glorious advantages, there are also some disadvantages. You will discover some bugs when using blue stacks on your mac or window pc. These errors cause route issues with controls in some applications. It also gives you no option to select whether to use picture mode or scene mode under certain applications. You’ll find it difficult to separate apps that you’ve already downloaded from Google from app recommendations. It shows these suggestions every time you open Bluestacks. Ideally, the next updates from Bluestacks will ship with these bug fixes.

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