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Do you know the difference between various types of cyber attacks?

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The last couple of months were extremely noisy, in particular for the tech community. We can still feel the consequences of the latest Wanna Cry cyber attack, which affected more than 200.000 users worldwide. This particular incident has shown us that cyber thieves are getting their things more subtle. And we still can’t keep track with them.

Do you know what are you talking about

Research has shown that a great percentage of users still can’t make a difference between various types of cyber attacks. For many, phishing is the same as spam, and data breach is the same as identity theft.

Not a great place to start building your cyber security. But here are some of the most common terms you need to know, without question.

Data breach

The easiest way to describe data breach is by this: imagine you’re holding a gold bar in a place where you think no one has access to it. But you didn’t protect your asset: no security system will keep your golden bar safe. The same thing happens with your data if you don’t have a reliable computer security software. Keeping your data on the computer is like you are inviting hackers to get to them, especially if you don’t take security measures too seriously.

Identity theft

This is a more serious cyber attack, and more proactive in approach. Once a hacker or a thief get to your data, he can either sell them on the black market or use them for his purposes. In either way, someone else will have access to your credit card number, account number, and other personal information which will give him the credibility to acting like you.


cyber security

If you’re getting a lot of those “lottery win” or “collect your commission” or “urgent” kind of e-mails – and you happen not to recognise the sender’s address – it’s possible you’re a potential victim of the phishing attack. It occurs when someone sends you an e-mail in which he/she requests your information in exchange for some prize, lottery win, commission, or anything else you can’t remember you applied to.


One of the most dangerous cyber attacks, because it’s hard to control. It happens at several different places simultaneously and involves thousands and thousands of victims. Ransomware malware locks your files and folders, and the hackers politely offer you a decoding software. If you pay them a fee, to be precise. And that’s not all – they usually unlock 95% of your files for an affordable sum, but then asks more money for the remaining 5%.

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