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How To Retain SEO Ranking

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Generating Traffic is one of the main goals of online businesses; the audience you receive may be loyal, long-term customers, this is one of the aspects that help you establish authority with Google and increasing search engine visibility. If you are looking out for some good SEO service providers search for Edmonton SEO Services and you will find the best people in the business.

SEO does not generate results overnight, as it is a long process. The tips provided will help you maintain authority after your website has been ranked, and you want to maintain the ranking.


Update your site

One of the most common website mistakes is not updating your website regularly. Content quality is one of the most important factors Google takes into account to rank your site. You can maintain the visibility of your site by adding videos and images to your articles to enhance your reader’s experience and tempt other people to link to your site. This also improves the appeal of the brand, optimising the layout of the site which will reduce bounce rates and will increase visitors who enjoy your content.

Speed up your site

Another ranking factor in Google is site speed, although being a significant factor it is often ignored. According to research, up to 2 million blogs are posted every day, and if your website is slow, your audience will probably resort to moving to another site. You can increase your site speed by implementing these steps,

  • Switching to a more reliable hosting service, which gives faster results
  • Compressed images
  • Good Content Delivery Networks increases download speed


Expand your link building

Backlinks require quality, not quantity. Google can detect if your site is gaining links at an unusually faster rate if so, it might result in your rank dropping. Using relevant contents on your site is one of the many aspects to maintaining your website’s ranking. Expanding inbound links to various pages on your site will increase your overall authority.


Outbound and internal links

Sending outbound links to other brands is an aspect through which Google determines the relevance of your site. You also need to make sure that the links you are providing your audience are relevant.

Internal linking is another useful way to help maintain keyword rankings; it helps search engines understand the relevance of your website and the topics focused, which will help Google keep the relevant audience on your site longer, by giving the additional site contents. Even though you have access to outbound and internal linking, overdoing it might result in your website losing its rank.


Building social media presence

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn play a vital role in determining page rankings by Google. Links from these website helps Google determine the relevancy of your website. Also, more shares and comments result in more visibility. You can increase your blog’s visibility on social media by following these steps


  • Adding social media buttons on the sidebar in every article.
  • Call to action, encouraging your audience to share
  • Offering a piece of content for exchange for social media shares.
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