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Firewall softwares that can help protect your servers

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If you’re providing web hosting services to your clients or handling a server of a company, you must make sure that you make it properly secure from the hackers because hackers are always in search of finding a way to get into the system and either steal the information or destroy it properly.

In both cases, you’ll be responsible for the loss and the company’s owner or the clients will yell at you to get their information back.

There are different ways that can be used to protect the server. The first and the most important thing is that you should make the server password protected so that no one can connect their machine to the server. The main source by which a hacker can steal your information from the server is the console port.

The next source that a hacker can use to steal your information is the remote access to your server. Yes, a hacker can steal your server’s information remotely by connecting to a computer that is connected to your server. Thus, he’ll be able to connect to your server as you’re sharing your information with the computer that hacker is using as a source to get into the server.

If you’re providing cheap dedicated hosting to the clients you need to protect your server properly, otherwise, it will become a headache for you. There are different companies that have designed firewalls to help you protect your servers. You can buy a firewall from a reliable company according to your requirement.

Let’s take a look at different firewall softwares that will work as a powerful shield against all the attacks to protect your information from the hackers.

Cisco’s firewall

Cisco’s firewall is the most popular firewall of the world. Cisco is one of the top server manufacturers. They have their own team of ethical hackers that is always working to find more secure ways to help their customers protect their information. If you buy the firewall when buying the server from Cisco, you’ll get 3 months free subscription.

Most of the companies are using Cisco’s servers these days, so this firewall is going to be an ideal solution for these companies.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Companies that are not using cisco’s server for some reason cannot take advantage of the Cisco’s firewall as it is specifically designed for Cisco products. In order to use it for other servers, you’ll have to customize it according to your needs which is quite a difficult task. It’s better that you buy some other firewall that is compatible with your server.

Kaspersky’s firewall is another famous popular firewall that has been serving many customers all over the world successfully. Kaspersky’s firewall is more flexible as compared to Cisco. You can customize it according to your needs without getting into a serious problem. And the best part is that it is less expensive as compared to the cisco’s firewall.

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