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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office is the most important part of every computer. Whether you are using a computer in your office or in the home, the Microsoft Office would definitely be installed in that computer. In fact, the Mac users are also using the Microsoft office for several tasks because they haven’t yet found any other software that can accommodate their needs easily. Those who use the computer at home rarely use the Microsoft Office but the professionals are regularly connected to this software as it handles multiple tasks for them.

Today, we are going to talk about some interesting things you can do with Microsoft office. Here are the 10 things you didn’t know you could do with Microsoft Office.

Analyzing your writing skills

The word doesn’t only provide you with information about your grammar and spellings but it also tells you about the complexity level of your writing. Thus, you can use these metrics to improve your skills gradually.

Highlight a square field of text

This is a very interesting feature of Microsoft office but it rarely comes in handy. However, you can use this feature to highlight a specific area of the text. All you need to do is to drag your mouse over the text by holding the left click. Make sure that you are holding the Alt button at the same time otherwise, it won’t work at all.

Add a Calculator

Microsoft Excel is definitely the best tool that can be used to solve several mathematical equations. But you can add a calculator in every product of the Microsoft office if necessary.

Only a single click to highlight the sentence

You can now highlight one sentence just by a single click and you won’t have to drag the mouse over the sentence while holding the left click.

Finding a word

If you are writing a big document, you can find a specific word by using the Ctrl+F feature.

Editing Hotspot

You can now get access to your recently edited options by hitting the Shift-F5. You can even use this feature after re-opening the document.

Write Text Anywhere

There is no need to follow any kind of limitations. You can simply write text anywhere you want just by clicking twice on a specific part of the page where you want to write.

Auto-Update Date & Time

You can now use the Auto-update feature to arrange the documents according to the date they were last edited.

Covert to PDF and HTML doc

This is a great feature that web programmers regularly use. You can simply change the format of a document into HTML or PDF within a few clicks.

Change Capitalization

This option is available on the top bar of every Microsoft Product. You can change this feature to change the words to different formats. And it takes only a few clicks to make it happen.

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